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Studying at Salford


All new students are required to attend an orientation program held prior to course commencement. New students will meet key staff at the College.

The following information will be provided but not limited to:

  • Assist them with the courses
  • Facilities
  • Student support services
  • living in Australia
  • Academic Course Progress monitoring etc.


Salford College offers a friendly and stimulating environment with smaller classes where trainers get to know the students, ensuring that they acquire sound knowledge and skills in their chosen courses. A variety of teaching methods, applying the latest teaching materials in both theoretical and practical works which are relevant to the needs of the industry and for further studies. Trainers use the latest educational technologies, audio-visual and multimedia to enhance the understanding, knowledge and skills of the students.

Salford College has its own purpose built kitchen and restaurant located in the Hotel Grand Chancellor where students will be able to develop and improve their cookery, management, customer service and other skills. Learning within the atmosphere of the Hotel Grand Chancellor gives Salford College an opportunity to have our students trained and provide exposure to the industry in which they will be working in. We have expanded industry placement positions to various premier institutes in Adelaide like Parliament House, Hotel Intercontinental and Hotel Mayfair which will help our students with their future career paths.

This will complement their education and training in food and beverage service, responsible service of liquor, wine service, bar and cellar operations and commercial cookery.

Facilities and equipment

The campus is well located in the CBD and has:

  • Fully equipped computers lab
  • Student Common Room – microwaves, fridges and vending machines
  • Classrooms with TV, DVD and data projectors
  • Study Material and resources provided
  • All class rooms are air conditioned
Pathways to Universities

Salford College courses may provide entry and/or credit towards university degrees. This means students can complete their university degree in less time.

To  obtain the credit, you will need to formally apply through the articulation partner university. Evidence of successful completion and academic transcript will be required for the credit transfer process.Credit will normally only be granted after you have been offered a university place

Federation university

Flinders University

For more information kindly contact us .


The Salford College can assist students to find suitable accommodation at their request.
We offer safe and secure accommodation placement services for students coming to Australia.Upon request, the College can arrange accommodation for you. The following accommodation options are available to international students:

  • Homestay
  • Shared flat or apartments
  • Youth hostel

The Student Services department advises students of their accommodation options and assists them in finding the most suitable accommodation. There is a noticeboard at the college with available student accommodation such as share accommodation.
More information about accommodation or mail Salford college

Health & Safety

Personal safety
Adelaide is one of the safest cities in Australia but it is still important to think about your safety.

The Police
Police in Australia are friendly, helpful, have a duty to protect everyone and can always be safely approached.

In an emergency – where there is a danger to life or a crime is in progress – you can contact the police, fire department or ambulance by dialling 000 from any telephone. This is a free call in emergencies only.

Beach safety
Be careful when swimming in Australian waters. Some parts of the coast have powerful currents and tides; and shark attacks are rare but sometimes do occur. It is safest to swim at popular beaches. Patrolled beaches by lifeguards have signs and flags, always read the safety information.

Australian laws you should know about:

People under the age of 18 are not permitted to consume alcohol in public. If you buy alcohol, or are given it at a licensed premise, both you and the person selling are committing an offence.

There are heavy penalties for people who ‘drink and drive’. The legal alcohol limit in South Australia is 0.05.

There are severe penalties for illegal drug use or dealing drugs. Avoid being in any situation where illegal drugs are involved.

It is an offence to lend, give or sell cigarettes or tobacco to anyone under 18 years of age. It is also illegal to buy cigarettes or tobacco for anyone under the age of 18. It is illegal to smoke in enclosed public areas.

Nightclubs and entertainment venues
Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed in a licensed entertainment venue after 9pm. You may need to provide proof of age to buy alcohol or enter a licensed venue. It is an offence to provide false identification.

Harassment and discrimination
Adelaide prides itself on being a multicultural and tolerant society. In Australia it is generally illegal to discriminate against anyone based on gender, sexuality, marital status, pregnancy, race, physical or intellectual impairment or age.

Legal Aid – 1300 366 424
Community Services –
Sexual Assault – 1800 817 421
Alcohol and Drug Counselling – 1300 13 1340


Because of its Mediterranean climate, . It’s a climate perfect for living Adelaide has hot dry summers and wet cold winters. It doesn’t snow in Adelaide but it does get pretty cold and wet in winter. The nearby Southern Ocean ensures hot, dry summers and cool, mild winters.


Cost of Living

When Compared to other English speaking countries the costs of education and living in Australia are comparatively low. All tuition fees for international students who study in Australia are exempt from GST and are charged up-front, with some institutions making additional charges to cover other associated costs like sports facilities, laboratory costs, student organisation membership and library fees.

In the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual World Wide Cost of Living Survey, Adelaide regularly achieves an excellent ranking as one of the most affordable cities in Australia. Statistics show that it costs 24% more to live in Sydney, 21% more to live in Melbourne, 12% more to live in Perth and 8% more to live in Brisbane.

International students will require approximately: AU$18,000 per year or AU$270 a week to cover living expenses in Adelaide. Depending on your lifestyle you may require more or less than these amounts (This is a rough guide only. Remember your living costs are separate to your tuition fees)

Getting Around

Adelaide’s public transport system includes buses, trains and trams and all of this can get you to the far reaches of the city. You’ll find everything you need to know about Adelaide’s public transport including timetables and route maps at the Adelaide Metro website. Alternatively, pop into the Passenger Information Centre at 79 King William Street in the heart of Adelaide or phone +61 8 8210 1000.

Free city centre buses and trams
The free ‘terrace to terrace’ tram service takes you through the city centre and connects with the Adelaide Railway Station and UniSA City West Campus. Also look out for the City loop bus (99C) that can take you on a ride past art galleries, museums and universities.

Buying tickets
First buy a ticket and then validate it by inserting your ticket into the validating machine. Keep your ticket until the journey has ended and remember to validate the ticket on every journey (you could be fined it you don’t).

Single trip and day trip tickets
These can be purchased from the driver on all buses and conductors on the trams. They can also be purchased using vending machines on trains. A single trip is valid for two hours and can be used as many times as you like within this period. A day trip ticket lasts for one day.

Multi-trip tickets
These save you money by giving you 10 trips for the price of seven. Multi-trip tickets are not available on vehicles but can be purchased from the Passenger Transport Information Centre, selected post offices, service stations, newsagents, convenience stores and the Adelaide Railway Station.

Student discounts
All local and international students are entitled to a concession when buying tickets. You will need to show your student identification card to gain a concession and ensure you have your student card on you during your journey, as on-board inspectors may ask to see it.