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All businesses need to train their staff members. It is essential for staff retainment, motivating your staff, filling in the gaps of knowledge, upskilling and increasing productivity and to meet the statuary requirements of certain jobs and industries.

Some Advantages of Staff Training

  • Staff motivation
  • increasing productivity and currency of staff leading to a better business outcome
  • Requirement to spend money on training for some government tenders and to be able to sponsor employees
  • obtain employees as apprentices and thus a longer term employee
    • may be eligible for government incentives
    • apprenticee might be eligible for government incentives

Salford College has got programs which may suit your requirements.

If you are looking for a suitable employee or apprentice please call Salford College to enquire. We might be able to offer you the right candidate.

If you are a student who is after more information about Apprenticeships, please click here for more information.

Looking for an Apprentice.

No matter what industry you are in, investing in training through an Australian Apprenticeship can provide your business with real benefits and contribute to your bottom line.

No two businesses are the same, and that is why Australian Apprenticeships have been designed to be flexible, while at the same time providing nationally recognised quality training developed by industry for industry.

Australian Apprenticeships covers all apprenticeships and traineeships. They combine time at work with training and can be full-time, part-time or school-based.

Salford College is a Work Ready Provider meaning that it can help you train your employees under Apprenticeships scheme for some courses namely Certificate iii in Commercial Cookery. This means that bulk of the cost of training can be funded by the government. For more details speak to our staff or send us an email at

Why should I employ an Australian Apprentice?

Australian Apprenticeships provide a range of benefits for your business:

  • People trained to your business requirements.
  • Offered in a range of industries.
  • Offered at all certificate levels up to Advanced Diploma.
  • Flexible choice of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who can provide off-the-job training to your Australian Apprentice, with negotiations around timing, location and nature of the training to suit your business needs.
  • User choice funding from your State or Territory Training Authority.
  • A range of financial incentives for eligible employers.
  • Can be full-time, part-time or school-based, depending on what suits your business.
  • Nationally recognised qualifications and competencies.

Why Salford College for Apprenticeship training?

  • We have some of the best commercial cookery facilities in Adelaide CBD right at the center of thriving Hindley Street
  • We have great qualified and experienced trainers
  • We are approved for funding under Work Ready
  • Training is flexible meaning it can happen as per a timetable developed in consultation with your business and is responsive to your business
  • very competitive in pricing
  • with hundreds of students passing out each year from our hospitality faculty we can help you in finding right employee for you

For more information, read the Employing an Australian Apprentice – A Smart Business Decision brochure.