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Entry Requirements and Pathway Programs for Salford College Courses

Courses Assessment Level 1 and 2 Countries Assessment Level 3
Age                                                                                                              18+



English entry Requirements


Certificate III level course  Meet the Literacy, Language, Numeracy (LLN) test organised by Salford college* IELTS: 5.5Or equivalent.A LLN test might be required depending on individual cases
Diploma and Above Meet the LLN test organised by Salford College* IELTS: 5.5Or equivalent.A LLN test might be required depending on individual cases
EnglishCertificate II In Spoken and Written English or III In spoken and written English Entrance level LLN test to be conducted via Skype interview for off-campus students to determine the duration of course and package IELTS: 4.5Or equivalentEnglish can only be offered in conjunction with other courses at Visa 572 levels 
    Academic entry


Certificate III level course At least Year 10 equivalent to Australian standards ** At least Year 11 Equivalent to Australian standards
Diploma and above At least Year 10 Equivalent to Australian standardsOr/AndCertificate level qualification from AustraliaOr/AndLife experiences and background of relevant work (to be supported by resume and interview and referrals)


At least year 12 equivalent to Australian standardsOr/andCertificate level qualification from Australia

All students need to fulfil the GTE (genuine temporary entrant) requirements listed on DIBP website and Salford College website

*All LLN testing is done via Skype or face to face interview with College Authorities or an authorised Agent of the College

**All qualification certificates have to be attested by a local Notary public or Justice of Peace or an authorised officer/agent of Salford College

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